Spend some time looking through my list of locations I have shot at below! If you don't see something you like, no worries! I have plenty locations I haven't shot at yet that I would love to take your photos at!! Travel fees are based on the distance from Provo. <3

At Home Shoot

Photoshoots from the comfort of your home are a great alternative to a natural light studio. At home shoots are perfect year round but especially during the cold winter months, great for newborns and young children! Best part, no studio fees!!

Travel fee depends on location of your home!

Lagoon Trail

Tucked away behind Lagoon amusement park, this trail follows Farmington creek up to Farmington pond. This trail offers unique industrial bridges, beautiful foliage, and is stunning year round.

Travel fee to this location is $35.

Mueller Park Bountiful

This is a great location year round! Close to the bountiful temple, this location offers dense trees, wooden bridges, winding roads, and mountain views.

Travel fee to this location is $35.

Tunnel Springs

This location includes rolling hills and a stunning view of Salt Lake City. It is the first place to turn green in the spring so it can get pretty crowded in the evenings, but morning hours are always quieter. For green grass plan a shoot here April-July. For wheat/beige grass plan a shoot here August-March.

Travel fee to this location is $35.

Memory Grove

Down the hill from the Capitol, this location offers a variety of views along with beautiful architecture scattered throughout the park. It is a perfect park if you want to do a shoot with your furry friends. In April & May there are blossoms & lilacs scattered around. Best time for shooting April-November.

Travel fee to this location is $35.

The Capitol Building

The Salt Lake Capitol building is a perfect option for any type of session! It is especially a great location on cold winter days when you want to stay warm! In addition to the beautiful architecture, in the back there is a beautiful garden and a pathway with trees surrounding the entire building. Pink cherry blossoms tend to bloom in April!

Travel fee to this location is $35.

SLC County Building

Located in downtown Salt Lake City, this building is perfect for any type of photoshoot. It is close to many beautiful city spots and is a must if you are wanting vintage city vibes for your photoshoot. Available to shoot at year round!

Travel fee to this location is $35.

SLC Chapel

This beautiful garden is tucked away behind a church in downtown SLC. It is hardly ever busy and offer many beautiful backgrounds for your pictures. Because the local ward uses it for activities, it is only available for shoots Monday-Wednesdays & Saturdays. Prime shooting time is April-November.

Travel fee to this location is $30.

Jordan Pines Campground

Featuring a variety of wooded areas, Big Cottonwood canyon has a lot of amazing locations with beautiful pine trees and mountain views. Because they are pines, they are green year round. This location is available year round.

Travel fee to this location is $30.

Albion Basin

A breathtaking view of the lush green mountains paired wildflowers in full bloom, this is one of Utah’s most popular spots. To avoid overcrowding, I highly recommend shooting at sunrise at this location - the light is amazing, and it will be much more private and less stressful for parking. Wildflowers bloom in July, but the location is lush and green June-September, with beautiful fall colors coming out in October.

Travel fee for this location is $40.

Tibble Fork

Tibble Fork is a reservoir near American Fork, and is beautiful year-round. Because of its high concentration of Spruces, it never goes through the awkward dead time between seasons. It is green all year round, and is even beautiful in the winter! This features views of the canyon, mountains, spruces, fences, forests, dam, reservoir, and a hilltop.

Travel fee to this location is $20.

American Fork Canyon

Featuring a variety of wooded areas, this pull off features a few different looks with meadows, groves, paths, and rivers. Lush trees and a river are the main feature of this location. Best for shooting May-November.

This location has a travel fee of $15.

Nielson's Grove Park - Orem

Located close to UVU, this park is perfect for portrait, couples, or family photos.

No travel fee to this location!:)

Lower Squaw Peak 1

This is the view from the first parking lot up Squaw Peak road. It is popular and can get very crowded, so sunrise shoots are your best bet for a more intimate shoot. Yellow wildflowers pop up in June. Fall colors pop up in October. Great location year round.

No travel fee to this area!

Lower Squaw Peak 2

A bit higher up Squaw Peak Road from the last location is this one. It requires a 5 minute hike to get to. Similar views to the previous location, but at a higher vantage point so you can see all of the valley and take advantage of the sunlight!! Wildflowers bloom throughout May here! Available May-October.

Travel fee to this location is $10.

Vivian Park

Located in Provo canyon, it offers a vibrant green background or beautiful fall colors, depending on the month. The meadow offers mountains, trees and shrubs, and fences for a variety of looks. This location is beautiful May-November.

 Travel fee for this spot is $10.

Buffalo Peak

This location is available May-October because the road is closed at first snowfall until spring. Requires a car with 4-wheel drive to get up there. This location offers stunning views of Mount Timpanogos, wildflowers, open fields, and beautiful forests.

The travel fee to this location is $20.

Provo Library

For a more unique city shoot, the Provo Library is a great location. The outdoors offers stunning vintage architecture. Inside is a classic library lined with shelves of books, beautiful large windows, and a mini art gallery.

No travel fee for this location.

Local Provo Park

Genuinely one of my favorite locations to shoot at. Nestled along the Provo River, this park has everything from a duck pond, to lush trees, industrial bridges, and trails. Perfect year round!

No travel fee to this location.

Downtown Provo

Walk around Provo city with your favorite person while I capture your fun date! Provo city has many parks, buildings, parking garages, and more for us to explore together! A great alternative if you don't want to travel all the way up to Salt Lake City.

No travel fee for this location.

Rock Canyon

The perfect location year round if you are wanting photos right up against the mountains! Great for families, couples, and any dog lovers!

No travel fee to this location.

Art Museum

This location is for all my classy people out there! Perfect any time of year, but especially in the winter when you don't want to freeze for your bridals or engagements. There are so many beautiful spots to take pictures inside and outside of this museum, you won't regret choosing this location!

$40 museum use fee.

Utah County Red Rock

Located near Spanish Fork, UT, this location is a perfect compromise for wanting that Southern Utah red rock without having to drive 4+ hours to get them! Close by are green fields and mountain views. My favorite time to shoot here is at sunrise - the light is perfectly placed, and there are a lot less people there. Location available year-round.

Travel fee to this location is $20.

Sand Dunes

This location looks straight out of a movie. Endless dunes in all directions. Such a unique location for Utah. Best time for shooting April-November.

Travel fee $50.

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