I Lost a Friend

Break ups involving romantic relationships are all too common and painful, but what about the lesser discussed, yet all-to-well known pain of a “best friend breakup”? This piece explores a prominent chapter in my life marked by the heartache following the ending of a close friendship along with a sudden disconnect from divine communication at a time when I needed God the most. Inspired by photographer Sarah Bahbah’s work “Dear Love,” I decided to create a self portrait series based on cinematic imagery paired with quotes from my own journal to tell snippets of my story. Through my series of carefully curated images, my mission is to convey the emotional complexities of these unique personal experiences and invite viewers to visually follow along my journey from beginning to end. As I created each image in the gallery, I was able to discover new perspectives on my own situation and find God’s hand where I thought it was hidden, and eventually even get the closure I was seeking.

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